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VoteLight Enhances Civic Engagement Easily So Groups Can Focus on What Matters

Groups are the lifeblood of a robust democracy, and VoteLight is the tech platform to foster and sustain vital civic engagement. With its unique user-friendly interface and communication channels, VoteLight makes championing your group’s mission to members, non-members, elected and government officials, and news media easy and effective. VoteLight is your partner in multiplying inclusion and communication across multiple audiences. 

Got Issues?

VoteLight Can Help You…

We’re different. Here’s why.

You create a VoteLight Issue which includes a headline, helpful details about the issue, and a question which citizens can “vote” on. Using VoteLight lets you….

  • STORE and ACCESS all your INFORMATION in one place.
  • UPDATE Citizens and Elected Officials about your Issue seamlessly.
  • SHARE your Issue in emails, news interviews, and social media platforms.

Get Connected

A Civic Engagement platform that connects Citizens, based on where they live, to all their political districts and Elected Officials.

Target Issues

Citizens, Elected Officials, Groups, Local Governments, and News Organizations easily sign-up to use VoteLight to create and/or track Issues based on the impacted area – a city, county, state, or the whole country.


Customize Communications

Voters and others can follow your Group, which can update its information and make announcements.


1. Sign-Up – Click Here

Sign up with an email that acts like your Group Administrator’s email.

2. Create Your Free Issue

When creating the Issue, the PREVIEW will show a price and a code. Use this Code for your FREE ISSUE: “FIRSTCOUPON”.

3. Custom Set-Up

Do you have a City or County Issue? We will add your Elected Officials to our platform database.

4. Let’s Talk!

We’re available for a brief and helpful ZOOM session to answer any questions and/or assist in getting you on the VoteLight platform.

Email help@votelight.com with days/times (include time zone) and we will send a ZOOM invite.


Your issue as an ongoing resource

All your INFORMATION in one place.

UPDATE people and elected officials about your Issue.

SHARE your Issue in your emails, news interviews, and social media messages.

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