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Federal Laws On Abortion

SUMMARY: In June 2022, the US Supreme Court overturned a previous decision, known as Roe v. Wade, that abortion was a constitutional right. This means each state can now make their own laws about abortion, such as allowing or not allowing abortions, creating limits on how many weeks into a pregnancy to allow or disallow abortions, and any exceptions for when abortions may be performed.

Also, Congress can pass federal laws on abortion. For example, the House of Representatives passed a law (but not the Senate) which would have made access to out-of-state abortions lawful for all citizens.


  • Each state can create and pass their own laws about abortion. For women, this means that depending on which state they live in, they may or may not have access to abortions. Some states have outlawed abortion (with various exceptions) while others have continued to allow abortions to be a personal decision.
  • Congress can pass national laws about abortion. There is a long history of federal laws having constitutional superiority over state laws, which means that Congress currently could set national policy for abortions and override any state laws.

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